Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Celtic's Red Auerbach & Rick Barry Teaches the Underhand Freethrow

As I continue my onslaught of NBA Finals posts and reading coverage of the series, you have to wonder how will the Celtics stop Kobe Bryant? Will they even try? One strategy I've heard time and time again is that they will atempt to keep him off the line like in the Spurs series. Imagine Kobe was Shaq or Ben Wallace, and instead the Celtics strategy would be to foul. That just shows how important free throws are and if you're going to win, your team needs to have a high free throw completion percentage. On of the best and most unorthodox was Rick Barry who shot underhanded or what we call on the court shooting Granny style. His style may have been funny but his percentage was no laughing matter and one of the best of all time. Watch and Learn.

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