Monday, May 19, 2008

Theo Ratliff's Keys to Success

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my time of year, when the NBA Playoffs are in full swing. Playoff basketball is just about to enter the third week of May and I've lost plenty of sleep and time with family and friends, but as long as I get my Celtics-Lakers finals, its been time well spent. Following basketball you learn two things, getting your name mentioned in a rap song is guaranteed while a long playing career is not. So far Theo Ratliff has had a 13 year career including a trip to the Finals with the 76ers and he is playing in this years Easter Conference Finals with the Pistons. So just how does he keep himself in shape for 13 years of 85 games a season by changing up his workouts and doing core exercises:

Instead of weights, Ratliff's core training involves oversized rubber bands called Thera-Bands. He wraps the bands around his upper and lower body to provide gentle, steady resistance. With the bands on, he performs motions that are similar to the things he does on the court. Unlike weights, which usually only provide resistance in one direction, the Thera-Bands create resistance in both push and pull motions. Because the motions are slow and controlled, Thera-Bands also do a better job of exercising entire groups of muscles and tendons, rather than isolating individual muscles. According to Ratliff, "It's like a whole body workout in one movement." With the whole muscular system equally in shape, the body becomes better able to absorb awkward motions and bad landings.

[ via Theo Ratliff's Keys to Success in the NBA]

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