Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Boston Celtics Workout

Tomorrow is Celtics Day in the Nations Capitol, so that means that all of the Red Sox fans who call Camden Yards, Fenway South, will now be calling the phonebooth, the Potomac Garden. This year, the Celts have become the feel good story of the year with the reincarnation of the franchise and the creation of a triumphant of Garnett, Pierce, and Allen who can single handily take this team to a championship, in any other year that the Chauncey Billups wasn't playing MVP caliber ball. But, if you feel that you can join the C's on the bench and get called in the game for that extra bit of offensive, the Celtics trainers have put a workout together to help you get in shape:


Lying Trunk Twist - Basketball players play a stop and start sport that emphasizes change of direction over top end speed. Over time, as muscles grow tired from extended or spirited play, the low back will absorb fatigue. We use a dynamic stretch to loosen up the low back for Ricky Davis. Ricky is incredibly explosive and very muscular. When Ricky is worn down, his low back will feel fatigue first. This stretch helps begin the process of movement. We want Ricky to be sweating before he starts playing. Even Ricky Davis doesn't walk in to practice and start dunking.

A simple and effective method of warming up your low back. Lay flat on the ground with your arms extended away from your body to make a "T" outline. Bend your knees to your chest so that they line up with your hips and your feet are in line with your knees. Lower your knees slowly to your left until they touch the ground or your shoulder comes off the ground on the opposite side. It is important to keep your body flat and your knees in line with your hips. Once you have gone as far you can on one side, repeat to the other side. Try it six times each way to begin and then add one rep each way per week until you can do twenty.

Torso Training

Hip Lift - We want to train the glutes everyday. If your glutes don't work well, your knees, hips and back will suffer. The glutes are a priority from the start of our workout. We incorporate this into our torso training to facilitate activation. We use a glute bridge or hip lift to accomplish the activation of our athletes' glutes. Tom Gugliotta has recovered to full health after dealing with injures for three years. Tom's glute "health" has protected his knee from further damage while returning his play to a high level.

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