Sunday, March 2, 2008

Chad Johnson trades Football Workouts for Soccer Workouts

Chad Johnson maybe currently wreaking havoc on both the league with his touchdowns, and his team with his many trade requests, but Chad Johnson is just one of the those guys who you expect to play big on Sundays and talk about how great he is on Mondays. But on Saturdays and before games, Chad is playing soccer to increase his footwork skills. "The faster I can run while controlling the ball, the more agile I'll be while not kicking one. It's about making your lower body move in different ways." According to Men's Fitness Johnson uses a classic soccer drill to increase his speed on the football field. To begin place a soccer ball a foot in front of you. Jumping quickly, alternate touching your big toes on top of the ball, without kicking it forward. Do this for 40 seconds, rest for 60 seconds, and repeat twice more.

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