Monday, February 4, 2008

Training with the Hitman Bret Hart

Growing up as a kid, I was a little bit odd especially in my choice of favorite wrestler. Many friends of mine chose Hulk Hogan while 0thers picked the Ultmate Warrior. On the other hand my favorite wrestler was Bret Hart from the Hart foundation, and I picked well because he would later go on to become the WWE heavyweight champion. Although he has now confessed to taken steroids at some point, it still really don't care because wrestling is tough and they are on the road 254 days a year. Here are snipets of one guy who spends a day training with the Hitman:

"On to hamstring curls where once again the weight just kept getting heavier and heavier. Three more sets of 12-14 reps finishing off with 10 repetitions at 180 lb. I felt like jumping in water puddles because now my legs were completely rubber.

On to calf raises, where we once again did three sets of 15 repetitions this time, with the finishing weight of 400 lb. ending the leg portion of the workout."

"Finishing off with 330 lb., I was only able to do two reps while Bret handled five without trouble.

Then came dumbbell flies: Three sets of 10 reps and while I finished at 75-lb. dumbbells for six reps, Bret manhandled 100-lb. dumbbells for 10 repetitions."

"To conclude the chest, we did incline bench press, where Bret finished off at 240 lb. for eight-10 reps. At this point my chest was so pumped I contemplated putting on a sports bra.

We went on to deadlifts. The object is to lift dead weight off the ground with strict form and movement.

We did three sets at 275 lb. for 10 repetitions."

"Finally, we went to the abdominals where Bret is required to do incline sit-ups, 50 reps straight, everyday."

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