Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Training with Bob "The Beast" Sapp

A couple of years ago I was flicking channels and started to watch K1 on ESPN and I noticed this huge fighter that I was sure was going to kick everyone's ass. It didn't quite workout that way, and he ended up losing, but since then Bob "The Beast" Sapp has been one of my favorite fighters to watch because you really never know what's going to happen. Everyone that fights him is literally an underdog an to see them win is spectacular but to watch someone so physically imposing is just if not more spectacular. So how does the Beast prepare for his fights:

"The heavy lifting comes first and comprises the three basic power lifts to maximize his full body power. This gives him the strength to brutalize his opponents in a way that no one else could, picking them up and tossing them around with ease, or hitting them so hard that they literally become airborne.

Bob squats first, starting with a relatively light weight (at least for Bob, I've seen him warm up with a weight that would be a maximum lift for most of us) and working up to a series of heavy sets for five reps with a maximum five rep set as the last set. Depending on how he feels, he may make an attempt at a three-rep max. Bob does both front and back squats and alternates them in his workouts."

[ via Bodybuilding.com ]

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