Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tracy McGrady's Intense Workout

I know he's injured right now, but he'll be back, and then might be reinjured again, but he'll be back in the league just in time for the playoffs. Isn't that the way it works every year for T-Mac, but nowadays after watching him physically give his all against the Jazz in last years first round playoff series and then only to end up short, I'm hoping this is his year because there is no doubt that at his best, McGrady is one of the best in the league. Here is T-Mac's workout routine (summary at the bottom):

Workout Summary:

  • leg presses
  • calf raises
  • lateral raises
  • bench press at 225
  • machine bar curls
  • dumbbell curls
  • 30 jumps on the resistance band jump machine
  • lounge with 16 medicine ball the length of the court and back
  • touch the backboard with 8 lbs medicine ball
  • forward and backward sprints up and down the court
  • jump rope for a minute
  • box jumping
  • running up and down stairs while holding 8lbs medicine ball
  • resistance bands moving
  • Cable rows
  • cable bulls
  • dumbbell military presses
  • rigorous ab routine
  • ....and thats just one set, McGrady does three

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