Thursday, February 14, 2008

Randy "The Natural" Couture's Hardcore Workout

Ironically what was probably the most unexpected outcome in mixed martial arts history turned out not to be a knockout in the ring, but a knockout to the UFC when Randy Couture retired. To make a long story short, one of the greatest fighters retired because of two reasons: they were paying him less money than new incoming fighters, and secondly, he didn't get to fight Fedor. Personally, this shouldn't hinder Couture's legacy as he was the two time light heavyweight champion and three time heavyweight champion which I don't ever see being done again especially his consistent winning at age 42. So what training routine does one do to kick so much ass while growing old, here's Randy himself to tell you:

Workout Summary:

Fighting Schedule

  • 2 days of grapling
  • 3 days of punching
  • Constantly changing routine

  • Full Body Workoout
  • Low Impact
  • Requires 30% More energy than treadmills
  • Running and jumping on Wall to wall trampolines
  • Incorporate medicine balls into trampoline workout

Running Turtle Peak
  • 11.4 Miles
  • 3600 vertical gain
  • takes 2.5 hours

Strength & Conditioning
  • 3 times per weeks
  • 4.5 Rounds at 5 minutes a round
  • Rest per round decreases from 45 sec to 25 sec as fight goes on
  • Box Jumping

  • No dairy
  • Limits bad fats, sugars, alcohol & caffeine
  • Eats Lot of greens to decrease body Acidity

(Thanks to MMAJunkie for the pic)

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