Friday, February 15, 2008

Oddest Athlete Workouts

Over the past couple of months we've sought after many training routines to get in depth look to see exactly what it to make it to the top level of sports and become a professional athelte. Along the way, we've seen some pretty crazy training routines full of the unexpected. Here are our tops picks for most oddest workouts:

1. NFL Safety Tony Parrish Yoga Extreme Workout
2. Terrell Owens doing core training in an empty loft
3. Ben Gordon doing Pilates
4. Randy Couture running around on trampolines
5. Chad Johnson trades Football Workouts for Soccer Workouts
6. How to obtain NFL World Class Speed, using Rabbits
7. Reggie Bush going crazy on treadmills
8. Bode Miller training in the forrest to ski

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