Saturday, February 9, 2008

Moving without the Ball with Rip Hamilton

NBA: Bulls vs Pistons MAR 28
When Rip Hamilton, a.k.a. Reggie Miller II, played for the Wizards things were looking up as he was supposed to carry the torch from Michael Jordan and bring the Wiz to prominence. Well that's what we all thought was going to happen until MJ traded Rip to the Pistons who would go on to upset the Lakers and win the championship. What makes Rip a star because he can cut his way though defenses without the ball, and then when someone gives him the ball, he is usually unguarded and can easily hit the mid range jumper, here are t Rip explains just how to move to get open (the first video is with Magic Johnson and Kenny Smith, and the second is Rip on TNT):

Rip on TNT

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