Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Main Event Training with Georges St. Pierre

UFC 111: St-Pierre vs. Hardy

Many of my friends who visit the site always ask me "what's the deal with the lack of MMA training?" Because my friends know that I am a huge of a fan of mixed-martial-arts, I can truly understand their disappointment, and so I'll do my best to promise them one big MMA star a week. So today we'll begin with arguably the biggest one of them all, Georges St.Pierre who is fresh off of his victory over Matt Hughes. GSP is now the interim Welterweight champion who is looking to avenge his defeat or lucky punch loss to Matt Serra. Do I think that will ever happen again, probably not since Serra hasn't been in the ring for the past year. GSP is too strong, too quick, and just the best fighter in his division and here's how he trains for the big fight (Workout Summary after the videos):

Workout Summary:

Jiu Jitsu Training
3 times a week
1.5 hours each training session

Boxing Training
2 times a week
1.5 hours each training session
1 time a week
10 fifteen minute rounds

2 times a week
4 hours of total time

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