Monday, February 25, 2008

Kareem Abdul Jabar's Guide to the Sky Hook

Kareem Abdul Jabar is the all time scoring leader in the NBA, 6 time MVP, and 6 time NBA champion and for some strange reason he isn't a head coach in the league. However, he is working on a pretty big project and by big project I'm talking about the seven foot phenomenon known as Andrew Bynum, and if you look at Bynum as his game change, you'll be able to notice a certain part of his game develop that was trademarked by Abdul Jabar, that trademarked move being the sky hook. In every highlight film you see Kareem banking in hooks from almost the free throw, just how does he do it? Kareem in his own words:

Step 1: Use both hands to tuck the ball under your chin.
Step 2: Step parallel to the basket with your left foot.
Step 3: Use your momentum from that step to launch yourself up into the air.
Step 4: As you rise into the air, turn to your left shoulder and extend the ball
over your head with your right hand.
Step 5: As you release the ball, aim for the center of the closest part of the rim, arching your shot so it will drop behind the rim.

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