Thursday, February 14, 2008

Johan Santana: Training for Power

New York Mets starting pitcher Johan Santana throws a pitch to the San Francisco Giants in New York

Arguably the biggest news in baseball this past summer hasn't been the Congressional hearings on Rodger Clemens, but instead the biggest news has been about another big time pitcher, Johan Santana who was traded from the small market of Minnesota to the bright lights of New York. Santana has been the best pitcher in baseball over the past 5 years and had he not suffered a season long injury last year, there is no doubt that the Twins would have made a great playoff push. Just how does Santana keep himself in top shape during the year, by using a wide variety of workouts, and here they are a few of them, the rest can be found at Stack Mag:

Strength Training

Leg Press

• Assume position on Leg Press machine with feet slightly wider than hip distance and toes pointing out slightly
• Lower weight sled with control until knees are bent 90 degrees
• Drive weight up by extending legs to start position

Sets/Reps/Recovery: 3x10/45 seconds
Benefits: Lower body strength and power
Castellano: Growing up in Venezuela, Johan didn’t have the proper equipment to squat . So I don’t want to load his back up with a bar, which is why we avoid squating.

Leg Curl

• Assume position on Leg Curl machine
• Contract hamstrings to bring heels to butt
• Lower weight with control; repeat

Sets/Reps/Recovery: 2x10/45 seconds
Benefits: Hamstring strength and muscle balance

Leg Extension

• Assume position on Leg Extension machine
• Raise weight until legs are fully extended
• Lower weight with control until knees are bent almost 90 degrees; repeat

Sets/Reps/Recovery: 2x10/45 seconds
Benefits: Quad strength/muscle balance

Seated Calf Raise

• Assume position on Seated Calf Raise machine
• Drive weight up by extending ankles

Sets/Reps/Recovery: 2x10/45 seconds

[ Stack Mag ]

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