Monday, February 25, 2008

How to Cheat the NFL Combine

The NFL Combine is big news right now because this is the start for college athletes looking to further their careers in the pro's. The Combine isn't the place where you prove yourself as a player, but prove yourself as an athlete and the one thing that NFL teams love the most are dignified workhorses. Oddly enough this system allows for many bums who didn't show how well they could play football in college, to play football in the pro's. But at the same time that's the point, to enter the league and either get signed or try to make at least a practice squad. This is why many kids just train only for the combine and if you train with the right people, they'll let you in on a few secrets that will make your combine numbers jump through the roof. Here is former Marcellus Wiley to let you in on a few:

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