Monday, February 4, 2008

Chris Paul's Workout Routine

NBA: Grizzlies vs Hornets JAN 20
For a guy who's no more than yay high and who weighs less than most adult men, Chris Paul has put together quite a season so far and if all things go well, he should be named MVP. The Hornets are in first place in the West, and are almost guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. Quick college story here: I had front row seats at a Terps and Deacs game in college and he was probably the most exciting player I've seen in person next to A.I. or Kobe. To succeed in the world of bigs as such a small guy, you need a good training routine, and here is a snipet of his workout plan that he talks about in Stack Magazine:

Chris bangs out the following routine, which combines traditional and functional exercises, to make sure his high-speed game is always running smoothly.

Foam Rolling

Place the foam roller between the specified muscle and ground. Roll up and down the entire length of the muscle for 30 seconds. When you locate a sore or tender spot, hold the roller on the spot for a few seconds. Although painful, allow the muscle to relax.

Benefits: Reduced soreness; increased flexibility and range of motion they have to trust us that it will work for them.

Chris says: The roller finds everything. I am really sore from the game last night, so this is pretty painful. I know it will make me feel better later though.

Single-Leg Bosu Touch

• Position Bosu with plastic disc down
• Balance on left leg on center of Bosu
• Lower into quarter squat and touch right foot to ground in front of Bosu; repeat 5 times
• Touch right foot to ground on right side of Bosu 5 times
• Touch right foot to ground behind Bosu 5 times
• Repeat sequence on right leg

Sets/Reps: 2x5+5+5 each leg
Benefits: Balance, hip, glute, ankle and core strength; hip and ankle stability

Alternating Dumbbell Incline

• Position body on incline bench and hold dumbbells at shoulder level
• Drive right dumbbell toward ceiling until arm is straight
• Lower with control; repeat with left arm
• Repeat in alternating fashion

Sets/Reps: 2x10 each arm
Benefits: Upper-body strength

[ Stack Magazine ] and for more point guard training, check out our Steve Nash section

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