Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bruce Bowen: How to play Defense

Texas News - December 23, 2008

Some may call Bruce Bowen dirty and a down right cheat, but year in and year out he wins some sort of accolades. Personally, I think Bruce Bowen is a cheat and the reason being that Bruce Bowen is in complete control of everything he does. Whether it is kneeing a player in the balls, or placing his leg strategically underneath a jump shooter to make him afraid to land, Bruce Bowen knows exactly what he is doing. This is also what makes him such a good defender when he's not cheating. Bowen is always in control of not only himself, but also the offensive player. He always seem to maneuver a player just enough to change his shot, or to redirect him away from the basket. Control is a skill and here's Bowen to explain it:

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