Saturday, February 2, 2008

Basketball Tips, Drills, and Workout Advice from Michael Jordan

Barcelona Olympics
I have to admit that as a kid I really didn't like Michael Jordan that much. Why would anyone in their right mind not like Michael Jordan? Well, because of a couple reasons, one of them being kids from my area jumping on the bandwagon and not rooting for our hometown Bullets, and the other being that for most of the early part of his career he was a straight up ball hog. Ironically, my favorite player for the past eight years has been Kobe Bryant (who I will always say is better than his airness). To make a long story (or explanation) short, I still might not like MJ, but I've grown to respect him. Here is a post-Wizards-pre-3rd comeback Michael Jordan discussing everything from conditioning and training to his favorite moves on the court and how to perform them yourself:

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Conditioning & Training

How to move without the ball

Jordan's Offensive Philosophy

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