Sunday, February 17, 2008

Andy Roddick's Five Set Training Routine

TENNIS 2010 - Caesers Classic - Roddick vs Sampras

Andy Roddick may not have bee the Great American hope that most thought he will be after the retirement of Sampras and Agassi, but at least we can say that he gave it his best shot and won a U.S. Open and no matter how he performs (see Aussie Open 07' and 08') we'll still support him. As a frequent player of all sports, I would say that tennis is one of the most difficult because of the speed, power, and more so stamina involved in keeping up a good pace during a match. Andy Roddick has a specific routine to get him ready for the big match:


Crunches are the classic exercise for building abdominal strength. When you do them on a stability ball (available online at, you force your other core muscles (lower back and obliques) to help keep you balanced. Lie on top of a midsize stability ball with your feet planted on the floor and your hands either behind your head or in front of your chest. Slowly lift your shoulders and upper back off the ball, then lower them down, taking three to five seconds to complete the crunch. Work up to three sets of 20 reps.

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