Sunday, February 10, 2008

Allen Iverson's Ultimate Workout and Training Routine

In a game where height rules, Allen Iverson has defied convention to become arguably the most exciting player in the 10 years. Seeing him play in person you will really notice just how small he is, and the real size difference between him and everyone else on the court. I remember when he was in Georgetown, my friends and I always wondered what in the world was he doing on the court, but then he repeatedly shut us up with each play. Iverson is 6 feet and 180 lbs, and to keep playing at that size takes a grueling off-season workout. With various strength exercises and superset training, Iverson's ideal body weight is 175lbs with five percent body fat. Here's Iverson's performing his training routine:

(For part two of A.I.'s training routine click here)

Iverson Speaking on his Workout

Strength coach Steve Hess on Preparing A.I

Iverson Performing Alternating Iso Presses

Iverson doing Dumbbell Squats

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