Monday, January 21, 2008

Terrell Owens Weekly Workout Routine (Men's Fitness)

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In case you've missed out piece on Terrell Owens core workout in an empty loft, we've got a new workout from the man who has to give back $800,000 to his former team. Although I'm not quite sure about the rules of copyright law, I think that when items are posted on the Internet from copyrighted sources, one can easily play the "I scalped tickets from a guy who scalped his tickets" type of game. So here is some information that I found on a forum, that was copied from another site, about Terrell Owens weekly workout regime from his Men's Fitness article. To not incriminate myself, I'm only going to post days Monday and Tuesday routines, and let you visit the site for his remaining workout schedule:

Monday: Abs/Back/Triceps

Decline Sit Up 4x20 (w/5 lbs. medicine ball)
Hanging Leg Raises 4x20
Hammer-Strength Lat Pulldown 4x13/11/9/8
One-Arm Dumbbell Row 4x7-11
Low-Back Extension 4x7-11
Cable Pressdown (Bar or Rope) 4x12
Seated Dip Machine 4x7-11
Hammer-Strength Chest Press 4x7-11

Tuesday: Abs/Chest/Biceps

Decline Oblique Crunch 4x13/11/9/8
Lying Alternating Leg Raise 4x40 seconds
Flat-Bench Dumbbell Press 4x9/8/11/11*
Incline Dumbell Press 4x12
Standing Straight-Bar Curl 4x8
Hammer Curl 4x11
Seated Dumbell Curl 4x11
*First two sets are with a neutral grip. The last two sets are with palms forward (pronated) as he pushes up.

[ ABC BodyBuilding Forum ]

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