Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Peyton Manning's Complete Conditioning Workout Routine


Although I believe that Peyton Manning has become the league's former golden boy , he is still easily a Top 10 of All Time quarterback who should deliver on another ring or too. Besides from the holy bloodline of quarterbacks, and an uncanny ability to read defenses, what gives Manning that extra strength on the field isn't Asprin, but instead a grueling off season workout that he demonstrated at D-1 workout facilities for Stack Magazine (click here to see current golden boy Tom Brady's workout):

Peyton Manning Interview

Speed Ladder Hopscotch

Pass Drop and Overspeed Drill

Back Hypers

Other Peyton Manning Workout videos:
Mini Hurdle Shuffle
Ickey Shuffle
Tricep Pushdowns

Hamstring Curls
Pass Drop Bungee Resistance
Russian Twist
Med Ball Toe Touch

[ Stack Magazine ]

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