Sunday, January 27, 2008

Olympic Training with Michael Phelps

Swimming Day Seven - 13th FINA World Championships

(To See the Ultimate Michael Phelps Workout Video, click here)

Michael Phelps burst onto the Olympic swimming scene in the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney and now after winning a record eight medals in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, he might become the best swimmer of all time. Personally, I'm not into swimming because when I was little my swimming classes didn't go as well as planned, but being from Maryland and having met Phelps I've become more interested in aqua sports. So wanting to get back into swimming I looked up Phelps workout routine and I found a pretty good routine from a couple of different sources:

"These days, Michael sets goals for himself. Our eyes are on one medium and one long-range goal: World Championships in July in Barcelona and 2004 Olympic Trials and Games.

To get ready for that, we have concocted a training program that began with a fairly high-mileage fall, a 7080,000 mixture of yards and meters per week. There was also 30-45 minutes of dryland six days a week. September through December, we focused on structural adaptation. With that, we are looking to stimulate major physiological growth that will make him go faster. At this stage, we don't emphasize fine-tuning. Instead, we have spent a lot of time on endurance work, improving technical issues and gaining strength-putting money in the bank"

Workout Set

Warm Up:
6x (50 free, 50 side kick, 50 fly drill, 50 pull buoy, 50 im, 50 im)
20x 100 on 1:15 (25 fly-50free-25fly)
500 stroke (50 kick 50 drill)

Main Set:
2000 timed kick stroke
--MP did free with a board and held per 500 (5:48.9-5:47.5-5:46.0-5:39.6)
4x100 IM drill continous

Pulling Set:
10x 200 on 3:00 odd =free (moderate) even=fly (fast)

4 Speed Set:
24x25 fly on :30 (1-ez drill, 1-no breath, 1-sprint)

after practice he did 500 abdominals and stretched

Next Workout

800 mixer on 10:30
4x150 kick on 2:30 (50 stroke-50free-50stroke)
400 pull with buoy on 5:00 (breathe 3-5-7-9 by 100)
200 stroke on 3:00
10x50 on :45 (2-25kick/25drill 2-25free/25stroke 1-stroke)

Main Set:
4x50 on 1:30
1x50 1:20
1x50 1:10
1x50 1:00
1x50: :50
1x50 :40
1x50 :30

Long Swim Down
100-200-300 pull (lungbusters by quarters)
400 choice kick
300-200-100 IM Drills

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