Saturday, January 19, 2008

Low Post and High Post Moves with Carlos Boozer

Los Angeles Lakers at Utah Jazz

If dunks and an ever commanding post game can ever be called quiet, in college Carlos Boozer's game exemplified the meaning of quiet dominance. After winning a national championship, Boozer was oddly selected by the Cavs in the second round, and after a couple years of playing behind Lebron James, he would go on to star in Utah and literally take the team to the Western Conference finals. Now a dominant post presence with the likes of Tim Duncan, Boozer has the skill to be the next Karl Malone for Utah. In the clip below Boozer delivers his best advice and training tips for dominating the post:

Workout Summary:
- Your objective is to get to the low post
- To do so V cut swing to get to the low post or spin of screen
- When in the post read the defender and create contact
- if the defender is playing loose then dunk
- if the defender is playing tough then hook

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