Saturday, January 5, 2008

Learn Ray Allen's Jumpshot

Celtics Allen celebrates against the Cavaliers during Game 6 of their NBA Eastern Conference playoff basketball series in Boston

The Boston Celtics could be on their way to having one of the most historic seasons in NBA history, and one of the catalysts for the recent Boston revival is shooting expert Ray Allen who's been a force throughout his career. Ray is known for being able to shoot in open space and pop threes while having the leagues toughest defenders in his face. Allen stresses that the key to shooting a good shot is consistency and constant practice so here Ray is teaching you how to shoot and practice your jump shot. We provided a summary below:

Workout Summary:

PLUS 1 MINUS 2- run around the key or slide across the key and shoot from the elbow, every make is1 point, and every miss is minus two. Play this with a friend and the first one to 10 points wins or the first one to minus 10 loses.

Shooting off the screens- run across the baseline and curl towards the middle of the key and curl and plant your inner foot and explode up for the shot. Next slide towards the corner and pop and shot. Then mirror the exercise on the opposite side of the key.

Practice Everyday

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Unknown said...

How old is this video, hes wearing a sonics workout tee. How well I see Rays still got it.