Monday, January 7, 2008

Kobe Bryant and his Devil Workout

This has been floating around the Internet for sometime now, and until I can get confirmation on the information, I will only call this specularity, but seeing his performance it is very believable. The alleged Black Mamba offseason training regiment is called the 666 workout:

"666 workout: 6 hours a day, 6 days a week, 6 months a year.

Consists of:
2 hours of running
2 hours of basketball
1 hour of Cardio (boxing, jump rope, etc)
1 hour of Weights which are listed below:

Day 1 & Day 4
Bench press
Lat pull-downs
Incline press
Military press
Abdominal crunches

Day 2 & Day 5
Lateral dumbbell raises
Bar dips
Tricep press-downs
Bicep curls
Abdominal crunches

Day 3 & Day 6
Back squats/Front squats
Leg curls
Leg extensions
Calf raises
Abdominal crunches"

Personally I've tried extensively to accomplish this workout, and while doing a reasonable amount of reps for each exercise, I usually burn out by the 5 day.

[ Inside Hoop Forum ]

If you want to learn exactly how Kobe commands the court and watch everything that Kobe does during a game, check out one of my favorite movies Kobe Doin' Work.


Unknown said...

thats totally muscles eater and i am sure that kobe didnt even did it

hank said...

Yeah who knows if he actually did that exact workout but here's another article about it: