Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dwight Howard's Rebounding Drills

Good news, Dwight Howard is back in the All Star Dunk Contest and hopefully he won't get screwed like he did last year. Over the first half of the season Howard has led his team to the division lead as well making the Magic a championship contender. Currently Howard averages 20 points and 12 rebounds per game and here is Howard teaching you how to dominate the boards:

Workout Summary:

To get a rebound

-box out
-find your man, make contact, get low and drive him out
-use your hands as a guide to keep him behind
-after you grab the ball, secure the ball tightly and turn to the outside of the rim to make the outlet pass
-get to the other side of the rim to get the rebound off the rim

Getting a Defensive Rebound

-Tap move
tap the defender on either side, and move around him to get the rebound

Getting an Offensive Rebound

-use your arms to go over the top of his shoulder to get the rebound

Rebounding Drills

-Use a rim blocker and practice grabbing the rebound around many guys
- have one guy lobe the ball off the rim whike two guys will fight for it.

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