Friday, January 4, 2008

The Diet of a Gladiator

What many of us having waited years for is only a few days away. Yes, NBC is airing American Gladiators for the new millenium. If you remember back to the early 90's, American Gladiator was a show which pitted above average athletes against full pledged body builders in a contest to see which contestant can fair the best. The Gladiators were recently announced and they are full of former K1 champions, kick ass girls, and even a 4 time Mr.Universe who repped 35 pull ups in 30 seconds during tryouts. Tanji Johnson, a fitness champion and former fitness writer was selected as one of the new gladiators, and from what I can tell from her articles she favors full circuit training.

In an article she wrote for she practices Cardiolternatives using the following routine (see link for full routine) :

  • Interval Sprints
  • Spinning
  • Taebo/Kickboxing
  • Cardio Circuit Training (CCT)
In another interview she goes on further about her diet:

" My off-season diet is very balanced. I still eat frequent meals and get the balance of my protein, carbs, and fats but I eat more fruit, skim milk, cereals, wheat bread, and pastas. And I eat cheats on a moderate basis"

I guess being on no-carb diets won't make you into a gladiator.

[ Cardiolternatives ]
[ Interview ]

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