Friday, January 18, 2008

Baron Davis' Warrior Workout

Last Spring, Baron Davis proved to everyone that he was not only an elite point guard, but an elite player in the NBA. Davis' main problem for most of his career was that he hindered by injuries to all to often which stifled his career. But give this guy time to get heatlhy, and he'll take your slightly better than average team and lead them into the playoffs only to be the second eight seed to beat a number 1. Thanks to some Deutsch website, we've got his workout (for other of Baron's Daily Workout after the jump):

DAY 3 (A.M., 30 MINUTES)

Jump rope (400 jumps)
Two-mile run (8 to 10 minutes per mile)
DynaDisc foot-speed drill To develop the core, balance, and foot speed all at once, stand on the discs while holding a medicine ball. Do a small, quick hop so that your left foot is on the floor and your right foot is on the disc your left foot was just on. Hop back to your original position, then do a quick hop in the opposite direction, so that your right foot is on the floor. (20 moves in each direction)
DynaDisc dribble drill Stand on one foot on a disc holding a basketball with both hands at chest level. (Be glad that it's not a medicine ball.) Bounce and catch it while maintaining your balance. (20 dribbles on each foot)
Stability dribble drill Back to the medicine ball and the Core board. (20 dribbles)
Instability push-up (right) Do 2 sets of 20 with your hands holding the Core board.
Stationary bike (25 minutes)
day 3 (p.m., 30 minutes)
Jump rope (400 jumps)
Seated figure eight (15 in each direction)
Leg curl (2 sets of 10)
Seated leg extension (2 sets of 10)
Hip abduction (2 sets of 10)
Hip adduction (2 sets of 10)
Smith rack squat The safer squat (2 sets of 10)
Front raise (2 sets of 10)
Lateral raise (2 sets of 10)
Rear deltoid raise (2 sets of 10)
Single-arm dumbbell row (2 sets of 10)
Elliptical machine (25 minutes)

[ Coach Marian ]

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